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Welcome to the Shroom Scouts Adventure

Magic Mushroom Clubhouse is an ancient society with many secrets. Initiation commences this week. Pledge your allegiance to the troop! Completing the weekly challenges to collect all 5 badges for a chance to win $50,000!

The Adventure Map

As the Shroom Scouts Journey continues, Magic Mushroom members must complete the new weekly challenge to collect 1 out of 5 badges. Over the next 5 weeks the first to collect all 5 shroom scout badges will win $50,000 and the top 50 members to collect all badges are given the chance to mint an Ancient Shroom.

Mint Forage Badge

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Shroom Scout Objectives

Owning a Magic Mushroom Clubhouse NFT will grant access to the Shroom Scout adventure. Shroom Scouts will require a set of tasks to be completed by NFT holders and once these tasks are completed, owners will be rewarded with “badges”.

These badges will be free to mint (besides gas) and will be tradable on the Ethereum blockchain. Not only will there be NFTs to earn, there will also be other incentives that make this journey worth pursuing. You must own the prior badges to be able to attain the next one released, and the few that make it to the end will receive a valuable prize.

Adventure Story

As the members of the Magic Mushroom Clubhouse started to become close and share similar experiences within the new biotic universe, everlasting friendships were formed. Rumors started to circulate the community that there was more to this realm.

Mutterings of “Shroom Scouts” echoed through the metaverse, and members’ curiosity peaked. Until one day, a lone mushroom stumbled across a scroll. What the scroll unveiled, the members could not believe. Shroom Scouts was not just a rumor, but an adventure that waited before them.

The Badges

Checkout the details for all 5 Unique Shroom Scout Badges

Magic Mushroom Clubhouse is an ancient society with many secrets. Initiation commences this week. Pledge your allegiance to the troop! The goal of this badge is to share our message with the world! Gamified guerilla marketing that will make the NFT community pay attention to what we are doing.
Many projects tell their members to endlessly shill their project on social media without offering anything in return. We have held off on encouraging our community to do this until now. Spread our values with the world, show them how cute our shrooms are and emphasize how strong the shroomunity truly is! In return you will receive the Community Badge NFT commemorating your allegiance to the troop!
It is time to get to know your fellow shrooms. Gather around the campfire with your troop. We believe the most valuable aspect of an NFT project is the people you meet along the way. Submit your shroom bio to share your skills with others in the community. To earn a campfire badge you must team up with 5 fellow shroom scouts in order to accomplish collaborative tasks.
Our Shamans have the healing powers we must share with the world! A focal point of this project has been to give back to the world. We are passionate about furthering the research into the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Contribute to the project's charity fund and share the knowledge of our ancestors to acquire the Charity Badge NFT!
Gather the ingredients needed for the trip to meet your ancestors. The treasure hunt is on and the competition is heating up. The grand prize is in reaching distance. Solve puzzles and riddles to figure out the magic passphrase that unlocks the key to the fifth and final badge.
The ultimate sacrifice must be made for the troop. Only the most selfless shroom scouts are rewarded. Only few will make it to the depths of their ancestors' secret chamber. Face the council and choose your answer to the burning question wisely. For only those deemed worthy will be bestowed into the eternal DAO.

Available on OpenSea

All badges will be available to mint via our website, then listed on All of the badges will be in one collection on separate from the Magic Mushroom Clubhouse. Meaning each badge can be bought and sold... so if you miss the mint you can always collect your badge on opensea.

You will be able to mint 1 badge per wallet (tentative). All Badge minting will take place on Sundays via a whitelist system.

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The Prizes

The prizes for the those who collect all 5 Badges

1st Place


Prize: $50,000 USD

The 1st person to collect all 5 badges and recieve official confirmation will win $50,000 USD paid in ETH within 7 days of confirmation. On top of being named a True Shroom Scout Master you will receive the first and most coveted Ancient Shroom.

2nd Prize Pool


Prize: Free Ancient Shrooms AirDrop

The top 50 finishers, in order, Will get whitelisted to receive an ancient shroom via a free airdrop within 7 days of confirmation

3 Prize Pool


Prize: Mint an Ancient Shroom

The opportunity to mint an ancient shroom in a "reverse dutch style" auction. Meaning for every mint of an ancient shroom the next one goes up in price.

Ancient Shrooms

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The ancient ancestors of the Magic Mushroom Clubhouse with vast wisdom that has been acquired over millennia. To keep their secrets safe from evil forces they have been hidden deep underground for centuries. The ancient shrooms are an elite secret society connected through the mycelium of the metaverse. The knowledge between them is only shared with those clever enough to unlock them.

Community DAO

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Ancient shroom holders will be members of the community DAO. Ancient Shrooms will serve as governance tokens exclusively. Royalties from the Magic Mushroom Clubhouse, profits from future drops, revenue from physical business ventures and many more sources of revenue will be put into the DAO’s Wallet. Ancient shroom holders will then vote to decide how to allocate the funds to benefit the Magic Mushroom Clubhouse OG holders best and further grow the community.

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